A Child In All The Right Ways

“Make me like a child in all the right ways.” Patton Dodd That God has given me a wonderful career as a missionary teacher is one of His most amazing gifts in my life. The privilege of being among children and teens all of these years in Africa has blessed me beyond description. Their joy […]

The Nigerians I Know

Since I arrived in Nigeria in April of 1982 I have always known Nigerians as an energetic;  a loving, caring, smiling; a determined and hard-working; a loyal, committed, heroic; a faithful, enthusiastic, worshipful; a joyful, singing and dancing people. Always they have welcomed my family and me with the open arms of faith embracing our […]

Camels Glance With Disdain

Animals in Niamey and other African cities are very much a part of everyday life. They share the roads with us. They sometimes wait with us at traffic lights. They walk beside our cars as they wander through the traffic on the bridge. They even swim in the river–well, I’ve seen the cows do that, […]

A Scurrying Hedgehog And Me

During my years in Niger, I have seen lots of animals. Almost daily I see donkeys and camels as I drive across town to school. Occasionally I see a hippo or two as we cross the Niger River on the John F. Kennedy bridge. (Yes, it was the first major bridge built, linking one side […]

My Serendipitous God

  Back in the 1960’s serendipity was a popular word, a pleasantly unpredictable word because it was coined to describe delightful and unexpected experiences. Perhaps it was used so much it became a cliche. Today, it is considered archaic and quaint, not really reputable. However, I find it the very best word to describe what […]

Laughter and Smiles

  Who more so than we, who know the Love of God, the Salvation of Jesus and the Encouragement of the Holy Spirit, to have a glad face? There is nothing so refreshing as a good, wholesome laugh with Christian friends; and especially during the midst of a busy, a heavy day. I thank God […]