Laughter and Smiles

  Who more so than we, who know the Love of God, the Salvation of Jesus and the Encouragement of the Holy Spirit, to have a glad face? There is nothing so refreshing as a good, wholesome laugh with Christian friends; and especially during the midst of a busy, a heavy day. I thank God […]

On Our Christmas Tree

  ON OUR CHRISTMAS TREE In Nigeria for many years, and now in Niger, we have been using the same Christmas tree for over thirty years. It’s a truly missionary tree, having been purchased from another missionary family before Becky and I were married. On the tree, year after year, we hang memories from our […]

They Grew Bright Yellow Every Day

When we lived in Jos, Nigeria we had a wonderful array of flowers always blessing us.  There were trees on our street and in our yard that followed one another in a year-long parade of amazing colors, bright oranges, red and yellows; pastel pink and white and lavender. Yet only the daisies displayed their own […]

Oh, I Want To Be Like Jesus

  During my three-and-a-half decades of missions service in Africa, I have had confirmed in my heart, day-after-day and year-after-year that for bringing people to Jesus, there is nothing more powerful than showing them the unique beauty of Jesus and His life, His love, His power and His reality. The challenge comes in helping individuals […]

Reveling In His Glories

One blessing of being a teacher is the experience of day-to-day seeing things, not only through your own eyes, but also through the eyes of your students, their families and your fellow teachers. In many ways life becomes one big field trip in this world, discovering joyful, stretching; sometimes vexing and always, eternal lessons. This […]

These Trees So Tall

Our perspective in life changes as the years go on, as we age and as children and then, grandchildren bless our lives with a renewed sense of wonder and discovery, so we enjoy with them the beauty of God’s world through fresh, eager eyes. Recently, in the Armstrong Forest near Santa Rosa, California, with our children […]