Looking For Stones . . .

Serving at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger

Mike and Becky Stonecypher
Sahel Academy, Niamey Niger

On this site you will find occasional “stones” or poems with brief commentary reflecting my faith walk as I continue to discover more and more joy in pursuing God’s glory. Throughout my thirty-plus years in America and also my thirty plus-years in Africa, I have been amazed by the grandeur of God as He is, as He works, as He speaks; and most of all, as He Loves. I best understand Him and His Ways through His Son and His Word, but also through His people and His world. So, you can expect to find here poems that express my searching and finding out His ways. Here’s a sample:

A Living Stone

True it’s Him who fashions every stone
Through wind and rain and quake
And so I find myself His own
A sample of His making
Though He also gathers stones
By rivers, lakes and oceans
In valleys and on mountaintops
In forests and in deserts
For living building stones
Unique by His choosing
As He creates a living Temple
His glory’s revelation.

August 21, 2015
I Peter 2:5

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