Adopted By Africa

I am proud to be American and Alabamian by birth, Georgian by sojourn and African by adoption. God has really worked on all of me during my years in Africa, and I will be praising him for that and Jesus all of eternity. Here’s something I wrote some time ago that gets at how I feel about Africa and Africans . . .

Every African Heartbeat

Every African heartbeat pounds with the rhythm
Of her one and only God who made her so He
Loves her as His own he fashioned big and bold and
Beautiful to dance her praises in the Kingdom
Bright with the promises He makes and keeps because
His Word is always true, so His music moves her
As elegantly as a lion strolling through the
Green and luscious growth He gave her for her home when
He made the earth a home for all His children new
And perfect life bursting out everywhere they look
In joy for all they see is good and fresh and musical
In the beginning and in the beginning again. . .

Every African heartbeat pounds with the passion
Of the Father’s love for all His children born there
Where sunrise beckons bright new days a marketplace
Of psalms and curses clashing loud while darkness in vain
Resists the light, caterwauling incantations
That would annihilate the children’s innocence and
Ruin their child-like faith—imposing violence and
Fear establishing tyranny and slavery;
And yet the Father’s Love keeps reaching down with sunlight
Piercing dungeon caves dug deep beneath the earth as
Though demonic night might somehow hide itself far
Away from the eternal dawning of the Son . . .

Every African heartbeat pounds with the power
Of Immanuel’s blood, who paid the awful price poured
Upon the altars of ten thousand so-called gods
Who would  blind the people with shadowy fears
Forging chains with lies, intimidation and threats—
But look, the altars topple in the heat of his
Day dawning for eternity across His own
Continent of Light, and listen, hear the beating
Of His heavenly drums, and join in the dancing
Breaking out around His throne as in joy children
Name Him Father and are welcomed as His own while
The Lamb who is the Lion welcomes each one home.

August 16, 2010
Genesis 1:31, Revelation 21:23

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