A Touch From God’s Good Hand

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There are so many blessings in each of our lives that come from God’s good hand. For me some of the most encouraging and joyful of those blessings are dear friends in the Lord, friends brought into my life by God according to His Purpose to make my life a true testimony to His goodness. These friendships that uplift me, uphold me, correct me and laugh along with me; include dear family members, schoolmates, mentors,  co-workers, students, and of course, my wife. Individually and together they speak powerfully of God’s love for me, and of His desire to be glorified in the ups and downs of life. In this poem I tell a true story of how a single touch from a butterfly upon my finger reminds me of friendships that come from God to touch me deep in my heart and place me in His own Hands, always for His glory and my joy.

A Touch From God’s Good Hand

One day among
The daisies
A butterfly landed
On my finger
Quivering, lovely
There for too brief
A moment it seemed
To me; it was
As if a bit of Heaven
Graced my hand as
My spirit paused to
Wonder at such beauty,
Purest black wings
Painted gold and bold
Sprinkled delicately
With orange and blue–
She was a marvel
For one instant
A touch from God’s
Good Hand gone too soon
Yet in my heart and
Mind, forever near.

November 2, 2015
I Samuel 18: 1-4

3 thoughts on “A Touch From God’s Good Hand

  1. I do like this!!!!! My only problem is “with orange and blue”……it could have read “with carrots and sapphires” and been easier on bulldog and wildcat people, just saying.


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