Christmas Eyes

PaPa and Twins
Down through the years I have been delighted to know certain people whose eyes shone with uncommon light and happiness. I first noticed this with my PaPa (my grandfather on my father’s side). He was probably the happiest man I ever knew. He and MaMa lived close by, so we spent plenty of time with him, and I vividly remember his great big smile, his gentle, teasing manner, and his eyes that shone with joy. Surely his life reflected that same joy as he treated every person he met with genuine friendliness. He was one of those people who made folks feel better just by being around him. He reflected Christ’s winsomeness in an unassuming manner. Over the years I have been blessed  to encounter other people who featured those same Christmas eyes. It seems they each has sparkled past their prime, in some way living more heavenly than earthly lives. In the poem that follows I contemplate the godliness in these remarkable people that make them such a source of pleasure for all those around them . . .

Christmas Eyes

I call them Christmas eyes
Though they sparkle just as bright
Everyday throughout the year;
They sparkle with deep joy
Even as the shepherds must have felt
When they worshipped their Messiah;
They sparkle full of love
As Mary surely knew nursing
God’s Emmanuel, incredibly, her son;
They sparkle with new wonder
Like Joseph pondering mystery,
His dream, the Babe in Mary’s arms, fulfilled;
They sparkle with a glory
Like His star that shone above
As all of Heaven knelt, worshipped and rejoiced;
I saw them as a boy
In the most childlike man I’ve known
Who lived happy, matter-of-fact, living like his Master;
I saw them as a man still young
In one who suffered long
Yet loved, compassion breaking her heart;
I see them even now
In one who has Jesus alone,
Worshipping, dancing befor her treasured Lord;
I long to see His sparkling Eyes
Whose glory theirs reflects,
Who is Emmanuel, the holy Christ of Christmas.

December 19, 2015
John 1:4



3 thoughts on “Christmas Eyes

  1. Beautiful. I know those eyes.i have seen them in many. Beautifully stated. Merry Christmas to all. So many wonderful Nigerian Christmas memories. God bless. Grateful we served together.


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