There Is A Fire In My Heart


Every time we have come from Nigeria or Niger to the United States for Stateside Assignment, as we have visited with churches to share our testimony concerning God’s Work, we have found deep joy in telling the stories of how He blesses lives over and over again as they discover the Truth of His Word and begin to experience the miracle of the new life Jesus brings. Even as we enjoy such opportunities to share, we never cease to wonder at how often folks ask us how we sacrifice to do this kind of work. For us there is no sacrifice. The longer we continue in the ministry, the more we consider our missionary calling a supreme privilege that brings such blessings as we could never begin to express. Well,  people do question us and we do try to answer them, but we discover it is difficult to express the depth of our feelings as God allows us to fulfill His calling. So, here is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago as an attempt to express our feelings . . .

There Is A Fire In My Heart

There is a fire in my heart that burns for Jesus;
I did not start this fire, I had neither the inclination
Nor the experience; but it was God, Himself, who lit this fire
Within me for His glory; He took a spark straight from His Son
And through His Spirit’s presence gently blew that spark
Until it ignited deep within my spirit; then He fed it until
It grew into a blaze that brings me His blessed light
For shining; and oh, how I love this joy He brings to me
In shining; and oh, how I praise His Name for this privilege–
For in the shining of His fire that burns within me
I experience the miracle of watching as my Father
Finds another heart He prepares for His burning.

There is this fire in my heart that burns for Jesus;
I could not have had such a heart prepared for this burning
Without the heritage of those whose hearts shone
Before mine; for it was God who flamed steadily in them
Around me until I was attracted to their beauty
Illuminated by His glory, and so my heart began
To wonder how He blazed, so stunning in His Presence
Magnificent upon the face of their lives:
For in their lives He destroyed the darkness
All within them and around them where there was pain
And fear and hatred and despair with His  raging, cleansing,
Holy fire which lit them for His heavens’ celestial dance.

There is a fire in my heart that burns for Jesus:
I neither lit it nor do I sustain it, but I praise my Father for His blessing;
It is the very life my soul and spirit cherish; it is the psalm
My lips will declare forever; and as I long for the day
When all darkness, every shadow will be vanquished
I desire that your heart will see his glory shining
All around you and within you as His Spirit and His people
Love and touch, surround you, pierce you with His blessing
That you might discover His spark suddenly bright
In the very middle of your heart; that you might enjoy
Hope as His Spirit breathes His steady presence
There where you can treasure His sweet dawning at last.

April 16, 2013
2 Corinthians 5:14

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