Prayer Circles

Niamey Rainbow Photo By Bev Farrer

Photo By Bev Farrer

When I fill out forms that ask me, “How would you describe your health?” I always answer “good,” and if I’m feeling especially perky, “excellent.” In fact, God has blessed me with really good health throughout my life–so much so that I had not been in the hospital since my birth until a bad fever led to a four-day stay during this time in the U.S. It was a biopsy that caused that infection, and it was that same biopsy that brought news I had not expected to hear–that I had very early stage cancer. So, I had to spend some time praying and coming to grips with the reality that I would be facing some type of treatment, and that we would be delayed in returning to Niger and Sahel Academy. Well, this is a testimony to God’s Loving Presence; real, strong, enlightening, encouraging from the moment our doctor spoke the word, cancer. This is also a testimony to Becky, my family, my mission family, my church and so many others; and how God has encircled me with His loving arms; and by miraculous other means, with the encircling love of circles upon circles all around me. While February 8 is the date for my surgery, I know that the Great Physician has already begun His healing process in me. Join me in glorifying His Holy Name.

It was as if I were awakening from a dream
And kneeling there beside me like a good
Samaritan was my Savior, my Lord and Master,
My Friend and my Brother, Jesus, my true
Physician tending to the wounds of my body,
Addressing the fears of my heart, quietly
Explaining the questions troubling my soul
And pouring over my heart resurrecting
Love; and as He looked deep into my eyes
And smiled He stood and reached down
And took my hand to help me rise and stand;
He smiled again and with His other hand motioned
So I looked all around us where I saw circles
Encircling circles, my dearest ones, my wife,
My sisters and brothers from the Lord,
My friends standing faithful around me;
I smiled and then I laughed with joy as they
Were breaking into praise and prayer and singing,
And soon I noticed these circles were not standing still
But they were dancing around us, my Savior and me.

January 12, 2016
Isaiah 41:10

7 thoughts on “Prayer Circles

  1. You are in my prayers my dear brother-in-law. I have been where you have been and have seen how powerful prayer truly is in helping us through our lives. I know there are questions and some of those may not be answered but “All things work according to His purpose who believeth in Me.” (paraphrased). Love you and although I can not be with you and Becky during this time, know I am there with stuff to give you to cut out and put in bags for my kiddos at school :).


  2. I can see where God was preparing me for things to come long before they occurred. He is always in control. Living in Kingsland now. Have a room for you and Becky. Hope you can come while you are recovering

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  3. Wow, thanks for letting me know.  I have joined the circle of circles and ampraying now for you not just for guidance and encouragement and the opportunityto return to Sahel but now for God to bring healing of this cancer.  I’m glad ithas been caught early.  Almost 20 yrs ago mine was not found until it wasstage 4.  God had a plan for me just as He has a plan for you for “your good”.Praise His Holy Name!!!All my loveMarsha


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