Their Words Of Praise


I have to believe that you are like me in this; there are extraordinary moments in life when God’s Glory breaks through and amazes us with the reality of His creative beauty in His nature all around us. I recall walking on the beach often, but never enough, at dawn, at sunset or in the evening; I remember watching, awed with friends, as the moon lit up the rocky walls of a canyon high in the mountains; I chuckle still as I think back to a herd of elephants doing their best to hide behind a tiny tree as we tourists floated by on the majestic Niger River; I treasure an early Nigerian memory of a lovely evening deep in the bush with no earthly lights trying to compete with the moon and the stars shining magnificently overhead. So much glory; so many memories; so great is our God.

Though my ears never can comprehend their words of praise
My heart and soul rejoice before the majesty of their worship
Led by the music of the spheres, the galaxies, the solar systems,
The sun and moon and stars who dance with elegance as their
Maker takes pleasure in the poetry of their names He calls in joy
As He lovingly points to every creation He has spoken
Into their perfect place within His universe; and every bird sings and
Dances along though their song may seem small under the vastness
Of the heavens, while the trees filled with blossoms and then fruit
Wave their praises in the breeze as the butterflies dance like
Ballerinas on the wind; and, oh, hear the children laugh with such
Pure happiness as they pluck  daisies from the ground and twirl
In circles ‘round and ‘round until their brothers and their sisters,
Their mothers and their fathers join in dancing circles encircling
Circles each surrounding another singing psalms to their Creator who does
All things well, who dearly loves the praises of all His beloved children.

February 1, 2016
Psalm 19

2 thoughts on “Their Words Of Praise

  1. Dad, it is so beautiful and great. Like as the hymn writer says ” When we walk with the Lord, the light of His word, what a glory He sheds on our way…Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey”. We love you Dad, and we are all praying for you. By His grace, it will be well.-Mikarol


  2. Thanks for this lovely poem.  Monday is the big day for you.  Been raying for you forhealing without/with surgery.  I know you and your family has placed you in God’s hands.  There is no better or safer place. Where are you?  Are you still with your children in California, with your mom in—is it Georgia or South Carolina; back in Niger? Love  you, continue to pray for you.Marsha


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