Reborn At Last


In my life I have been so blessed to know people who have been  dramatically changed by meeting Jesus. One day they  act like Saul (later the Apostle Paul), battling with all their might the call of Jesus and His Love and new life. Then they meet Him and their change is radical and beautiful. I believe their testimonies shout to the world that Jesus does change lives for the better forever. Praise God, He deeply loves each one of us lost in our unique darkness, and brings His light to save us. That’s a compelling message we must share with the world. The Samaritan Woman at the Well was such a person . . .

Did she rush into her village breathless,
Her desperately hopeful heart pumping so
Hard she must have seemed to those who knew her
All too well, out of her mind? Or did she
For the first time in her life walk tall, erect
And fully herself so properly in
Control, her accusers could not help
But wonder at her miraculous change–
Could this be the woman they had always known?
Or did she stumble into the village
Weeping so distraught her broken heart
Softened, this woman, once bitter and rejected?
Did she exclaim her words, catching her breath?
Did she whisper her words as if in prayer?
Did she mumble her words in agony?
“Could this be the Christ?” Reborn at last!

March 30, 2007
2 Corinthia1ns 5:17

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