Between Pharaoh And The Sea

2015-08-09 21.31.49

How many times have I found myself between a rock and a hard place? Way too many, and most of them instigated by my own foolish disobedience. Anyway, right now I feel like I’m between Pharaoh and the Red Sea as I seek to be patient and trusting as my body heals, leaving me temporarily homebound. Still my heart truly knows that these “horses and riders” will also be thrown into the sea, and most importantly, God will be glorified.

 Between Pharaoh and the Sea
As Moses stretches out the rod
While I, panicked, join our people
Howling against the mighty wind
Until the waters part and we plunge
Into the gap amidst the waves
Amazed as if there had been no
Plagues to win our freedom
Forcing mighty Pharaoh to his knees
Though he shook his fist at God
He lost his firstborn son
And now his powerful army;
Though again I doubt God’s presence,
Though again I doubt His care,
Though again I doubt His power
I see the sea we just crossed through,
I see the horses and their riders
Overcome by His raging power,
And I know that God is surely good
And I know that He delivers.

February 20, 2016
Exodus 15:1

5 thoughts on “Between Pharaoh And The Sea

  1. Enjoyed the poem, BUT How are you really doing and what’s going on?Are you in rehab or just trying to get your strength back at home? Love ya,Marsha


  2. Patience. I, too, feel I am at the edge of the Red Sea waiting for it to part. We shall see what the future holds. We do know who holds the future. I guess that is what this life is made of, waiting seasons. But the waiting has never been in vain. Lifting you in prayer.


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