Tiny Blue Flowers


It’s not like God hides from us most days, and just occasionally makes His wonders known. It’s just like us, His children, to get so busy most every day that we ignore His wonders, big and small that are there for us to enjoy, to remind us that He is very much with us, and would lead us to glorify Him and find true joy in all that we do. It’s also like us to congratulate ourselves for spiritual sensitivity when He breaks through our typical nonchalance and shows us a special wonder or some powerful truth for living and serving Him. It reminds me of some tiny blue flowers I encountered in a lovely park in Indiana.

This tiny deep sky blue flower
Barely caught my eye as I walked
My first lap by the river murmuring
While gentle breezes rustled trees
And I smiled with delight
Rejoicing in God’s goodness
Just a bit smug that I had noticed
This miniscule miracle.

Then as I began my second round
I had to laugh out loud
As I looked again and saw
Beautiful tiny blue blossoms
Blooming all around the meadow
And I wanted to sing again
Praises to my good king
Who abundantly gives good things.

September 1, 2015
Psalm 103:22






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