Putting On Their Easter Dresses



Already the trees are putting on their Easter dresses,
The lawns are greening themselves and adding precious
Jewels bright and beautiful, scattered like purple eggs not really
Hidden as the children find them easily, so it seems the heavens
Above are a brighter blue and even the rain clouds hurry on
Their showering way so that the sun can shine all golden again
And tease the earth with his rainbowing smile,
For obviously creation awaits with eagerness the resurrection
Of all blessings, the reseeding of all that is beautiful
And the crushing of every serpent spreading death and lies—
Perhaps this spring’s spectacularly lovely praise
Will cause the children of Eden to echo nature’s psalms again.

March 13, 2016
Isaiah 6:3

4 thoughts on “Putting On Their Easter Dresses

  1. Beautiful. Yes, having the same sort of spring. Love your analogy. Blessings upon you this Easter. God is still in charge.


  2. Again I enjoyed your painting in my mind. Our yard put on it’s Easter dress full blown this week and I showed Sarah the crosses in the top of the pine trees.

    This season in south GA. almost tops the fall colors in the mountains……each has it’s own breathtaking beauty.


  3. Love the images and colors in this piece. Reminds me of the end of dry season/beginning of the rains in Jos. Also a reminder that God takes the bare and turns it into beauty.


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