Lift Up, My Eyes and See!

Easter morning! Resurrection Day! Jesus is Risen! He is risen indeed! My heart should overflow dance with joy. My heart should overflow with praise! My mind should explode with understanding! My soul should begin to sing an eternal hymn through all I think and say and do, “Worthy is the Lamb . . .”


Lift up, my eyes, and see,
He who died to set me free,
Carried, hung on my cross,
His blood my liberty.

Lift up, my heart, and laugh,
Rejoice, the past is past,
Death’s chains no longer hold,
Life comes, pure happiness.

 Lift up, my arms, this day,
Rise up in joy and faith,
Give tribute to the One,
The true, the only Way.

 Lift up, my feet, and dance,
His death has paid sin’s balance,
His holy celebration,
My blessed circumstance.

 Lift up, my soul, now choose
Him who risen, rules
Throughout this universe,
Redemption’s awesome truth.

 Lift up, my spirit, sing!
Hallelujah, Christ is King!
Praise God with all the saints
‘Til Earth with worship rings.

March 24, 2016
Ephesians 1: 3-10

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