Breeding Butterflies

Well yes, I understand no one breeds butterflies, but if I could it would be the one naturalist/scientific job I would really enjoy. Just imagine spending day after day observing and shepherding (Hey! This is my fantasy.) butterflies. One of those memories I’ll always cherish takes me back to a school day at Baptist High School in Jos when a swarming cloud of butterflies danced passed the classroom where I was teaching. To say that I was distracted misses the point. I was delighted and my students were amused . . .Ah, memories can be a rich treasure. Anyway, who knows? Maybe in Heaven . . . 

 2015-08-23 19.34.42

To have a life
Of breeding
Would, indeed,
Be a wonder,
To see those
Tiny eggs on leaves
Hatch out as
Green and hungry
Who eat their
Way to fat
And wobbly worms,
Then cautious, climb
Until they find
Their perfect perch
Secure where they
Can spin a home
Cocoon and rest
From all their labor
Until the sun
Bids them rise
And they struggle
To emerge
An amazing,
Spectacular surprise,
A genuine.
Born again,
Complete with
Wings that dance
Upon the breeze,
Pollinate the flowers,
Praise their loving Creator
And leave eggs under
The leaves
For their miracle
Once again.

March 4, 2016
Ephesians 1: 20-21

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