Laughter Is A Mercy

Stonecypher Family

In my experience laughter is most definitely a mercy, a real gift from God that gladdens our hearts when things are good and lifts our hearts with things are bad. It is no surprise that there is so much medical research that attests to the health benefits of laughter. Clean, wholesome, positive laughter echoes the joy God intends for us in this life and forever. On the other hand, laughter helps release us from the pressure of having made another stupid mistake. Laugher definitely builds unity when it is happily shared among friends. Laughter can move a tense meeting past deeply held opposing opinions. Laughter echoes the wholesomeness of Heaven’s relationships, always joyous, always redemptive, always loving. In His perfect wisdom God uses laughter to build us up when we are discouraged and to bring us down when we are too puffed up with pride. With my dearest, closest family and friends over the years, many of the memories I treasure most are times of hearty laughter.


 Laughter is a mercy
Refreshing from above
Just like a rainbow smiling
When a storm has gone;
Laughter breaks a mirror
Where idolatry
Has reigned, breaking Babel,
Shattering idle self;
Laughter pops a big
Balloon stretched to breaking
Point, bursting pompous
Pride with truth’s sharp tack;
Laughter showers grace
Gladdening open hearts
Blooming toward the sun,
Beauty’s open face;
Laughter echoes glory
From the Throne of God,
Angels bright reflecting,
Rejoicing in His love.

April 1, 2006
Genesis 21: 6-7

Sarah said,
“God has made me laugh,
and everyone who hears will laugh with me.”
She also said,
“Who would have told Abraham that Sarah would nurse children?
Yet I have borne a son for him in his old age.”

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