I Am Abashed

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I must rejoice that in dealing with the concept of our loving Heavenly Father, I have my own loving father in mind, for he always served as such a beautiful role model of what my Heavenly Father is in a much more perfect sense, to me. My Daddy, as I called him, did everything within his power to provide for me the very best he could possibly give me as his son. My Heavenly Daddy, as I almost dare to call Him, provides for me throughout eternity the very best for me as His son. My Daddy laughed with me in the good times, worked side-by-side with me during the hard times, cried with me when my heart was broken, and rejoiced with me when the victories came. My Heavenly Daddy eternally does the same and more. My Daddy sacrificed much to provide me the opportunity to find and take up my place in this world. My Heavenly Daddy sacrificed everything in Jesus to show me His place for me and to empower me to take up this place for His glory and for my joy. So, because my Heavenly Daddy gave me my earthly Daddy, I grow bolder as I grow older in my trusting Him to accept my childlike call, “Abba! Father!”

 I am abashed
That in those
Tender moments
Children enjoy
With their fathers
Beloved, cherished
And trusted
I can call You

Such a privilege
Almost seems a
For You are the
Creator and
Of us all
And yet You do
Call me Your
Own dear child.

I will live
Searching out
The mystery
Of Your
Amazing Love
As my heart
Grows more and more
At home in
Your glory.

May 22, 2016
Galatians 4:6-7

“And because you are sons,
God has sent the Spirit of his Son
into our hearts, crying,
“Abba! Father!'”

3 thoughts on “I Am Abashed

  1. I was taken back the first time I heard my sister pray, “Daddy”She sighted this verse and explained that Abba in our today’svernacular was indeed, “Daddy”.  Sometimes when I just needto snuggle in His arms, I now also cry “Daddy”. Love ya,Marsha


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