May Your Faith Grow Like Kudzu

A Kudzu Sculpture In Alabama, Photo On



Kudzu is an amazing plant. If you’ve driven through the south, you’ve seen it occasionally blanketing just about everything along the side of roads and highways. Apparently brought here from Japan toward the end of the nineteenth century, it certainly found a welcome home throughout our southern states. It grows and grows and grows and is very difficult to stop. It eventually kills trees and other plants that it covers, denying them  sunlight and nutrients. Now, just imagine our faith growing that voraciously, destroying every sin and every tendency toward sin in our lives. Of course, that is just what the Holy Spirit does when we surrender sinful places in our hearts to His control. So, may Kudzu Faith grow, spreading far wide  throughout your heart vanquishing sin wherever it hides.

May Your Faith Grow Like Kudzu

May your faith grow like kudzu
Proliferating alongside
The highways of your life
Fresh and green and hungry
Devastating every hint
Of sin that grows anywhere
Often unobserved, may the
Joy that grows across your
Face so fill your heart there is
No breath of life for sorrow
That rises up from sin
And disobedience and may your
Happiness infest the lives
Of those you love with His Love
Until all their misery must
Surrender smothered by His
Goodness that covers as He grows.

April 9, 2007
Matthew 13: 8

“Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain,
Some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

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