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In early December of 1981 I found myself among a crowd of new missionaries loaded on buses in Richmond, Virginia to make the trip to Manassas for our commissioning as official representatives of our mission sending body. At the service we introduced ourselves and received a ringing challenge from our Board’s President, who reminded us that there is nothing casual about God’s call on our lives, nor is there anything haphazard about His equipping so that His task for us can be accomplished no matter where we find ourselves. God will gather His people from among the nations throughout the Earth. God will glorify Himself through our lives lived in testimony to His Goodness, and He will bring us joy in our obedience. The law of His love is irrevocable. Over almost thirty-five years those words have challenged, encouraged and transformed me because, I believe, they were God affirming His call and His promise to me. Every one of those years has been filled with the proof of His love. It is no wonder that I praise His name.

Is a difficult
Word to comprehend
In this world
That’s always changing
When our friends
Come and go
And ideas wax and wane,
Truths seem to change,
Yet God is eternal
Always the same
And constant
Beyond the end
Committed to accomplish
His purpose
Encompassing the ages.

May 24, 2016
Romans 11:29


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