Every Creature God Has Made

dscn0538Imagine! Giraffe’s in the wild. Growing up in Alabama, I certainly never saw a giraffe out in the woods. Actually I grew up in a small city, so though I played in the woods, I never saw much wildlife at all. My friend and I did think we saw a snake one time, but upon a closer look, it turned out to be an old shoe lace. Our woods did have beautiful trees for climbing and wild roses that helped us imagine great adventures, lots of birds and insects, but not one giraffe. Now, here in Niger, there is one remaining herd of wild giraffes, about an hour’s drive from Niamey. Take a look. They are majestic creatures, aren’t they? I surely admire what God has done. He certainly does all things well. How blessed we are to look all around us and enjoy the incredible variety of the amazing creatures He has made. In the river just below the compound where we live there are hippos–amazing, gigantic creatures.  Right here where we live there is such a huge collection of birds singing and flying, nesting, hunting and calling, occasionally fleeing the mighty hawks that soar high above, spying out their next meal. I thank God that He fills our world, wherever we are, with His own glorious creatures.

Every creature God has made has some nobility
That reflects the ultimate goodness of our Father
Who reveals His mighty, tender hand carefully
Shaping tiny marvels, grandly forming majestic beasts.

Every creature God has made has some humorous
Touch identifying character and personality
Unique and fitted out just right for the place
Reserved in the Maker`s marvelous universe.

Every creature God has made has some rare beauty
Highlighting a facet perfect and unflawed glorifying
A precious bit of God`s amazing, wondrous grace
Illuminating His perfect, loving, smiling face.

November 13, 2016
Genesis 1: 24-25

Then God said,
“Let the earth produce living creatures
according to their kinds:
livestock, creatures that crawl,
and the wildlife of the earth
according to their kinds.”
And it was so.
So God made the wildlife of the earth
according to their kinds,
the livestock according to their kinds
and creatures that crawl on the ground
according to their kinds.
And God saw that it was good.

3 thoughts on “Every Creature God Has Made

  1. What a reminder to take time to enjoy God’s beauty which totally surrounds us, no matter where we may be. God bless you. Keep up the thought provoking writing.


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