My Invisible God


Even after these rich and full five years here in Niger I am still learning to appreciate the stark, the bold landscapes of this large country replete with a tenacious though sparse representation of God’s Creation and His Creatures. Even now I am filled with wonder as all that lives here glorifies the very persistence in life that energizes people, birds, animals, grasses, flowers, trees…as if He has granted each a unique strength to battle the overwhelming dryness and heat that persists day after day. And even as life, itself must persist against overwhelming odds; so, too, must faith. When faith does take root here, it is a faith that will not let go, a faith that will persevere; for such faith will face an environment that demands deep roots sunk into the very living waters of the Creator, Himself. As I am privileged to observe such a faith I am challenged and I am inspired. I am led to worship once again our God who always and in every circumstance is ever present to provide what His very own most desperately need.

My invisible God
Reveals Himself everywhere
Even in these barren lands
Where trees may seem to struggle
And flowers hardly ever flourish,
I hear Him in the birds that call
His name to greet the sun
And wish him well in the evening
As he hurries westward on his way,
I see Him in the river grand
That finds His perfect path
To watered lands that seem
No more than sandy deserts dry
Until their shoots and then the plants
Begin to sprout for nourishing
Hardy hearts and determined souls.

October 19, 2016
Revelation 7: 16-17

…no longer will they hunger;
no longer will they thirst;
no longer will the sun strike them,
or any heat.
Because the Lamb who is at the center
of the throne will shepherd them;
He will guide them to springs
of living waters,
and God will wipe away
every tear from their eyes.



2 thoughts on “My Invisible God

  1. As I read this I see the people in our church and those at school who are living out Christ before others in a spiritually dry land.


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