These Trees So Tall


Our perspective in life changes as the years go on, as we age and as children and then, grandchildren bless our lives with a renewed sense of wonder and discovery, so we enjoy with them the beauty of God’s world through fresh, eager eyes. Recently, in the Armstrong Forest near Santa Rosa, California, with our children and our grandson, we experienced a marvelous afternoon together, walking the trails that wander among the towering redwoods that seem to scrape the floor of Heaven. We laughed with our grandson as he rushed to stare wide-eyed at each new surprise. Besides the redwoods, there were graceful ferns dancing in the cooling breeze, noisy crows shouting their discordant praise, and at his feet, three-leaf clovers carpeting the forest. The enjoyment of that adventure soon had me imagining so many treasures that God has given us in this world, whetting our appetites for so much more in the New Heaven and New Earth.

These trees so tall they stretch my gaze towards heaven`s smile,
Roses bright yet soft to touch so sweet to smell, so delicate they
Lift my heart, clover green and fresh a testament to all that lives
And glorifies the One who makes us all, a smiling, laughing face
Alight with joys that only toddlers truly know, voices more familiar
Than my own who grace my life with happiness, that settling peace
Affecting me when I hear the birds who gladly sing, a children`s book
That captures wonder, fills me up and makes me young, communion
Shared by sisters, brothers lifting high their souls’ deep praises,
Loving kisses filled with genuine care, words that sing and dance
And leave their prints across this page, an idea keen or truth upon a
Young, delighted tongue, the mystery of a butterfly finding wings just
Now set free from what had seemed a cold, dark tomb—all such
Treasures wondrous as God`s beauty delights, inspires, redeems.

June 28, 2017
Genesis 1: 11-12

And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation
yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit
in which is their seed,
each according to its kind, on the earth.”
And it was so.
The earth brought forth vegetation,
plants yielding seed according to their own kinds,
and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed,
each according to its own time.
And God saw that it was good.


One thought on “These Trees So Tall

  1. Thanks, Mike. Indeed life does look different as the years pass. You have captured some fine thoughts with your poetic words. Bob


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