Reveling In His Glories

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One blessing of being a teacher is the experience of day-to-day seeing things, not only through your own eyes, but also through the eyes of your students, their families and your fellow teachers. In many ways life becomes one big field trip in this world, discovering joyful, stretching; sometimes vexing and always, eternal lessons. This is a wondrous portion of life as a parent, and maybe especially, as a grandparent. Parents and grandparents have the privilege of seeing the many wonders that crowd this world through the eyes of children whose enthusiasm and joy explode at the sight of spider webs and at the comfort of bare feet walking in patches of clover. Parents have both the advantage of more time with their children, exploring with them the charming discoveries of everyday. Yet, maybe grandparents have their own advantage of having the wide-eyed,  smiling, running, giggling little ones, without the attendant duties of Moms and Dads. Whatever,  parents and grandparents are blessed by the revelry of enjoying God’s Glory all around us, sometimes in humble, yet magnificent beauties and delights, in nature and in human nature.

Reveling in His Glories

Every day is filled with wonders
We too seldom see,
Spider webs and spent cocoons
And clover under our feet,

Laughing children playing freely,
Elders, heads bowed, praying,
Mothers working for their families
Loving them unselfishly,

Fathers striving long, hard hours
Providing faithfully,
God our Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit
Reveling in His glories.

August 20, 2017
Isaiah 6:3

And one called to another and said:
“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts;
the whole world is full of his glory!”


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