Holy Spirit, Comforter, Soul Whisperer

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Over the last weeks, God has spoken to me thorough my Bible study, preachers and Bible teachers about the Trinity and those Persons who make up His identity. It is a powerful, a mysterious and a challenging Truth that God-Who-Is-One reveals Himself to us as Three-In-One, as He exemplifies the chosen unity in the chosen and on-going relationships within His Oneness. I find this fact about His nature such an encouragement as I participate in community within my family, my church and my work at Sahel Academy. In my writing I have been exploring through prayer how God impacts my life through His being Three-in-One. In that process I have written the prayer below to praise the Holy Spirit, God’s Presence within me who encourages, challenges and perfects me as He makes me more and more His own son.

Holy Spirit, Comforter, Soul Whisperer

Holy Spirit, Comforter, Soul Whisperer, Inspiration,
Healer, Assurer, Reformer, Guarantee, One in Three,
Strength, Presence, Jesus in me;
Accept my humble, my breathless worship,
Your reality is so much more than I can comprehend,
Yet because of who You are I know so much more
Than I can understand; You lead me to places
I have never known and introduce me
To people I have never met and yet
You make a home among them
And invite me into Your Tabernacle amongst them
And allow me to show them Your glory;
You deepen my every joy in You
Coloring my transitory happiness
Until You have made it eternal,
You open my eyes to wonders
All around me illuminating
My world with Your elemental glory;
You still burn bright in the midst of my darkest night
Making me strong when there is pain,
Pushing me on when I faint in weariness,
Doubt and despair,
Teaching me hope even in my cold, dark tomb—
You are the Eternal’s presence in me
Until You ultimately liberate me
When I am at last His eternally.

December 19, 2017

“But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit–
the Father will send Him in my name–
will teach you all things
and remind you of everything
I have told you.”

John 14: 26


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